Dr. M. Christian Ortner, Stefan Rest, Thomas Ilming : The Emperor’s Coat in the First World War

Verlag Militaria. 508 pages with approx. 1,400 photographs and illustrations, bound in linen with a protective cover. Format: 29.5 x 26.0 cm

This 500-page book filled with colour illustrations presents, for the first time, a detailed and systematic view of the uniforms and equipment of the Austro-Hungarian army during the First World War. Over 1200 colour illustrations, some of objects never shown before; from the personal uniform of Kaiser Franz Joseph I to the field grey regulation wear of the common soldier. From the golden Dragoon's helmet to the dull, brown steel helmet of the Isonzo front. 250 contemporary photographs give a vivid impression of how soldiers in the Austro-Hungarian army looked wearing "The Emperor's Coat" during World War I. This book depicts a changing army, its soldiers marching into battle in 1914 in brightly coloured parade uniforms and returning home in 1918 in worn out field grey uniforms. The individual objects illustrated in the book are photographed in detail from several perspectives. Both the experienced collector and the interested reader can easily detect the type and condition of the piece shown.

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