Our shop

Our shop is located directly in the center of Hamburg. The “Neuer Wall” is one of the most important shopping streets downtown, right next to the Hamburg town hall / Rathaus. You will find us in a wonderful historical building at the Neuer Wall 18, 2nd floor, our book department on the first floor /Hochparterre. On over 380 square meters in our main shop and another 180 square meters in our book department you will find the entire stock on display, you are welcome to browse and look around.

Military Antiques

our shop
In our shop you will find on over 380 square meters the full offer of our Fine Military Antiques on display. A wide selection of the period from 1800 – 1945, presenting uniforms, helmets, visor hats, spike helmets, medals and decorations, documents, daggers, swords and bayonets and much more.
Blade department
At the front you can see our Blade department with our offer of daggers and bayonets, in the background the stand for the swords, in total over 500 pieces! The large show cases in the back are decorated with a part of our large offer of Imperial spike helmets, Ulan Tschapskas, Husar busbies and helmets.

Antique Books

antique book department
Our antique book department on the first floor / Hochparterre with a large window front to the street Neuer Wall .
Book store
Our entrance door from the first floor/Hochparterre into our book store. You can reach us very comfortable per lift, or just 1 stairs up from the ground floor.
20.000 books
Between 15 and 20.000 books are inviting you to stop by !
book store is sorted by the various subjects
Our book store is sorted by the various subjects, so that every collector can easily find the books of his interest.
book offer
A small impression of our book offer about military decorations, uniforms and on the left side – Bundeswehr and international Armies .
regimental – and troop chronicals
Several 100 regimental – and troop chronicals are waiting for their new owners ! In the background on the left side our offer of original newspapers and magazins, a couple of hundreds too.