Luftwaffe steel helmet M 38 for paratroopers with 1 emblem and Italian camouflage paintwork from the possession of Unteroffizier Karl-Hein Grunert, Paratrooper Regiment No. 4, participants in the Battle of Monte Cassino

around 1944. The special camouflage paintwork in sand colors, the paintwork is about 95% present, the Lw eagle was painted over on the side, but is clearly visible under the paintwork. Stamped "ET68" on the inside and "4879" on the back of the neck. Complete with lining on the tin ring, inside the leather lining with beautiful stamping "Baumuster: Heisler, Berlin C2, Manufacturer: Schubert-Werk Braunschweig", including "Head width size 57, steel helmet size size 68", complete with the original chin strap. The helmet is only slightly worn, condition 2+. In addition, an original photo of the wearer, Unteroffizier Grunert, in a field blouse with EK 2 and paratrooper badge, photo the size of a postcard, inscribed on the back by his son "My father Unteroffizier Karl-Heinz Grunert 25.1.2022 - Hans-Werner Grunert". Sergeant Grunert took part in Operation Merkur in May/June 1941, battle for Crete, 1942 transfer to the 4th Parachute Regiment, from 1943 deployed in Italy, took part in the Battle of Monte Cassino, then retreat fighting up to the Po Valley on April 10th 1945 in US captivity. Mr Grunert died in 2001. We were able to purchase the helmet with the photo directly from his son, who also told us his father's story and captioned the photo. A historically unique piece.