Mathieu Willemsen: Experiment and Trial: Prototypes and Test Models of International Military Small Arms of the 19th and early 20th Century

Verlag Militaria. 624 pages, approx. 1500 photographs and illustrations, linen-bound with a book jacket. Format: 29.5×26 cm

This 624 page illustrated work provides the international development of military rifles, from the single-shot musket to the semiautomatic rifle. It describes in detail all of the 218 unique guns from the Dutch Military Firearms Trials Department, which have been preserved in the Dutch Army Museum. For this publication, each rifle has thoroughly been examined and taken apart. Of many weapons, archival sources have been traced and trial reports were retrieved. Thus giving a unique insight into the world of the 19th century military trial committee. More than 850 photographs of these rifles, combined with contemporary depictions, give a detailed picture of all the guns. In the publication, there is also a list added of all the firearms that were tested in the Netherlands in the period from 1815 to 1935. This publication is the first one that is fully dedicated to this subject and is exemplary for all the countries where such trial departments were busy with the search for the ‘perfect military rifle’ during the hectic political and military developments of the 19th century. The reader understands how the military looked at the technological developments during the industrial revolution.
€ 99,00